Meet the Curator

Meet Samia Kahn, the founder and curator of Mélange:

“Growing up, fashion was always my first love. After finishing grade 12 in school, I wanted to join one of the leading institutes in India for fashion design. Sadly, life had other plans for me and I had to give up on that dream. Eventually I pursued an MBA in Economics and ended up working in corporate hospitality for a number of years.

Today, with Mélange it feels like life has come to a full circle. It has given me the opportunity to integrate my passion with all the experiences from my past career. If I hadn’t had this journey, I wouldn’t have had the courage to ‘come back’ to fashion and the skills required to build this business. It seems everything happens for a reason! What’s more, as a mompreneur and mother of two boys, I’m proud to be running a company that lets me balance my time between being an entrepreneur and being there for my kids.

Above all, I’m highly emotionally connected to the subject of fashion, and have always enjoyed and appreciated when people take pride in dressing up. “I believe the clothes we wear don’t just exist to make us look or feel beautiful; they also reassure and give us the confidence we need to thrive. Mélange is my contribution to help you get there, while celebrating and raising awareness of talented South Asian designers.”